Wait, What’s the Difference Between White Noise and Brown Noise? Experts Sound Off

June 9. 2024

“Consider white noise as your personal auditory sanctuary, offering a serene backdrop that fosters relaxation and peace,” says Dr. Noah Kass, LCSW, a psychotherapist. “This can be especially useful in bustling urban environments where disruptive noises—like traffic or loud conversations—are common.”

Tomāto, Tomäto. “Choosing between brown noise and white noise for sleep largely comes down to personal preference,” Dr. Kass says. “Some individuals find the higher frequencies of white noise more effective at masking a wide range of environmental sounds, which can help them fall and stay asleep,” Dr. Kass says. “The consistent, unvarying nature of white noise creates a uniform sound environment which helps prevent the brain from being startled by sudden noises, high-frequencies or sharp, grating sounds.”

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